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Makita Circular Saws at Home Depot, top 4 products


Choosing which Makita circular saw that is right for you can be a very confusing decision. Whether you are purchasing the saw for yourself or as a gift, the selection of Makita saws at Home Depot can make be overwhelming. The following article lists the top Makita circular saws with reviews and specifics about each one. A link is also provided to purchase the saw once you decide which one will best fit your needs.

Magnesium Circular Saws

Magnesium Circular Saws

Makita 5007 mga – Magnesium Circular Saws

The Magnesium Circular Saw is the most expensive saw on the Home Depot website when it comes to Makita saws. It is made from steel, which means that you can saw through just about any material including as wood or iron. Along with the power, it also provides comfort for the user. It is a lightweight, well-balanced saw and is designed for easy use. It’s 15 Amp motor gets a long-lasting performance. More than 95% of customers recommend this product about its value and quality.

Some great benefits of the product include:

  • Gives nice, clean cuts with no wood charring.
  • Saves energy and effort because it’s able to be used at home.
  • Users feel solid and steady when they use the Makita circular saw.

Actual reviews of the Makita Magnesium circular saw:

  • “I hate to put the saw back in case when I am done using it. I really like its function in cutting any hard material such as wood, steel…”
  • “Our father chose Makita saw because of the power tool features depth adjustment and spindle lock to avoid injury. Because of this, my brothers and I have always chosen the Makita saw, but the Magnesium one is by far the best. ”

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Makita Circular Saws

The “Makita skill saws” is always misspelled, leading to confusion about the name of the two famous brands Makita and Skil. Therefore, customers should note the spelling of the brand name circular saw machine to buy, Skil contains only one letter L. Makita circular saws are preferred by most customers in USA over Skil saws because of the lower price levels and similar level of power and quality. If you are trying to decide which is better, the Makita 5007mg vs the Makita 5007mga, read the comparison review here.

Benefits of the product:

  • Ability use this product in many DIY areas projects.
  • Dust blower provides better sight on cut line to improve accuracy
  • Double insulated to guard yourself against an electrical accident

Makita circular saws reviews:

  • “No need to buy another saw for 15 years because the Makita Circular Saw is so nice. It’s lightweight and comfortable compared with other brands.”
  • “I’m sure that you can not buy any saw as fantastic as the Makita circular saw that is heavy duty and durable”.

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Cordless circular trim saw kit

Cordless circular trim saw kit

A lot of users prefer a cordless circular saw from Makita compared to other brands because they provide fast, smooth and accurate cutting with any hard material such as melamine, glass, or wood. Unfortunately, the battery is sold separately than the saw. This fast charging battery has been improved with a built-in fan to cool the battery for charging quickly and more efficiently. The Home Depot Makita battery will cost you about $100. However, the warranty of the product is too short so customers are often afraid to choose Cordless circular saw.

Benefit of product:

  • The battery spends more time on working and less time for charging to saving energy.
  • The handle of Makita circular saw is often made from rubber so very comfortable for users.

Product reviews:

  • “When I choose saws for my sub-contractors, I always think of Makita first.”
  • “My colleague at works are pleased with Makita equipment like saws since they are light, accurate and have a good brake. The cordless feature makes it a lot easier to use on different jobs.”

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Makita 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless

Makita 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 01This saw is great for contractors and experienced users. It provides an advantage because of its variety of applications and projects. It has Star Protection, which is a communication technology that allows the Star Protection-equipped tools and batteries to exchange data in real time and monitor conditions during the use to protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating. The Home Depot Makita battery is ideal for different projects which need more time to use the tool and less time to sit on the charger. This saw is perfect for roofing, carpentry, remodeling, woodworking and for any pro contractor who requires a best-in-class engineered cordless circular saw.

Benefits of product:

  • The Circular Saw (Model XSS01T) is an ergonomic design to protect against overloading, overcharging, overheating.
  • Not only does it have depth and bevel scales, but also large levers to adjust tilts and depth quickly.
  • A powerful tool for many jobs for carpenters, contractors, or builders to complete their high-quality work quickly.

Product reviews:

  • “We bought my father this saw for Christmas last year. He wishes he had more wood and projects to do with this amazing saw!.”
  • “I would recommend to anyone that wants a saw with some power and durability to buy the Makita circular saw at Home Depot. Just know that you need to combine the regular and plunge cut to so that you get superior result.”
  • “This saw is heavier than other traditional saws so it is so hard to handle it when you want to saw a big panel or anything else at high location…”

Editor’s suggestion: top 5 Makita circular saws at Amazon

In addition, the Makita circular saw at Home Depot is your best choice for many jobs at home or work. This powerful equipment is beneficial in a lot of different professions such as framers, roofers, carpenters, masons and general contractors. This saw can also be used to for projects around the house without calling home repair services saving you both time and money.

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