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Circular Saw Makita 5007mga review


Having a circular saw that meets your needs is key to performing any job efficiently and safely. It is very hard to decipher which circular saws are best without doing hours of research and reading hundreds of reviews. The following article breaks down the Makita 5007mga Circular Saw and gives you details about the design, the cutting and power features, as well as reviews from actual users.

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The Makita 5007mga Circular Saw is made from Magnesium, which means that it is lightweight, at only 10.6 pounds. A lighter saw makes for easier handling. It also has large rubberized levers, which gives you the ability to make quick, one-handed adjustments. Safety features include more rubber on the handle to increase the grip, as well as large numbers and ruler markings, making it easier to see the settings. The reinforced power cord is able to withstand any abuse to the tool which lowers the repair costs.

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Cutting Features

The Makita 5007mga Circular saw comes with a 7-1/4” carbide tipped framing blade that cuts up to 50% faster and lasts up to 2x longer than others. It can be used to cut a range of dimensional lumber as well as dense engineered lumber. It also has applications for plunge and bevel cutting, as well as masonry and metal cutting.

There are LED lights which increase the sight on the line of cut, as well as an electric brake that increases safety and productivity. The built-in dust blower also makes accuracy much easier since you can see you line of cut. This saw also includes an electric brake that increases efficiency and safety for users.

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Power Features

The Makita 5007mga Circular saw has a large cutting capacity and also has a 15 AMP motor that delivers 5,800 RPM.

Makita 5007mga Circular Saw reviews

  • I borrowed one of these saws without the electric brake in the past and was very pleased with it. After using this saw with the brake, if I needed another saw in the future I will definitely be looking for one with the electric brake. The more I use this saw the better I like it. I have had many different saws over the years, but if my first saw had been a Makita 5007mga like this one, there would not have been any others!”
  • I have been using this saw for a few weeks now working on a remodel. It works great. The excellent view of the cut line making cuts very accurate. An electric brake was a must for me, I work in an ER where we see a lot of saw injuries, amputations, etc. No major flaws I’ve identified yet. I don’t want to speak too soon, but I haven’t had much problems with kickbacks or binding so far, but I’m very careful about my cutting technique.”
  • We bought this saw for my father last Father’s Day because he wanted something to play around with since he retired. We knew he would like it, but we were shocked at how much he uses it. He has already built the kids a playhouse in his backyard and in ours, and keeps asking us for more projects to do! The electric brake makes me feel a lot safer about him using it too.”

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  • Superb, ergonomic design.
  • Comes with a high-powered blade for excellent maneuverability.
  • Long-lasting and consistent.

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  • Doesn’t have a laser guide.

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Help and Support

Unfortunately, Makita products are only under warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase. If you have a problem with the product, you must send the entire product to a Makita’s Factory or an Authorized Service center and you are responsible for the shipping costs. There is also a 30 day return or replacement guarantee. If you are not pleased with the product up to 30 days after purchase, Makita, at their discretion, will either provide you with a refund or a replacement product.

Overall, the Makita 5007mga Circular saw is a well-built saw that has many desired features. It is a powerful, light-weight saw that can be used for many projects. The electric brake is a great safety and time-saving benefit. The price is fair for the amount of power and cutting capabilities that the saw has, and it is available from a variety of places. Although the warranty is only a year, many people use the saw for years without any problems.

After reading the features and the Makita magnesium 5007mga reviews, if you think that it is the saw for you, it can be purchased from Amazon for $167. The link to the product can be found here:

Makita 5007MGA Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake

Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Powerful 15.0 AMP motor delivers 5,800 RPM for proven performance and jobsite durability; Magnesium components create a lightweight saw (10.6 lbs.) ...

Available: In stock

A similar saw, the Makita 5007mg Circular saw is also on the market. The Makita 5007mg reviews are very good, however people do wish that they had an electric brake like the Makita 5007mga. If you are looking for a more detailed comparison of the two circular saws, you can find an article that I wrote HERE.

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